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Leadership Board | 500 Women Scientists

500 Women Scientists is a year-old grassroot organization working to make sicnece more inclusive, open, and accessible. Kelly serves as a member of the national leadership board, and the policy wolfpack. Prior she was a co-leader of the outreach and partnerships committees, and she was also a leader for the DC local "pod". The organization has over 200 local pods (chapters) world-wide and over 5,000 active members.


Initiatives and projects Kelly has helped lead include fundraising for Puerto-Rico hurricane relief in a partnership with Ciencia Puerto Rico, assembling an editorial board for members who write op-eds and other science communication pieces, and harassment bystander training.

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Co-Chair | Energy and Climate Change AAAS Affinity Group

During her Executive Branch fellowship, Kelly chaired the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship affinity group for climate change and energy. AAAS supports fellows organizing by providing meeting spaces and a platform for members to sign up. In their leadership role, Kelly and her co-chairs held a variety of events and manage an email listserv of over 500 current and former AAAS fellows who are interested in energy and climate.


Kelly has hosted speakers from ARPA-E, the DC Carbon Tax Initiative, and FERC. She has also organized several networking sessions with other young professional groups in energy and environment and organized breakfast discussions of current events in energy and climate policy. 

University Outreach 

Science Communication Engage Science Board of Directors Member – 2015

Graduate and Professional Student Senate, University of Washington

Senator for Chemical Engineering 2013-2015


Science Policy Steering Committee, University of Washington –2013-2015, Chair 2014-2015

Forum on Science, Ethics, and Policy, University of Washington – 2013-2015

Evaluation Assistant Volunteer, Pacific Science Center - 2014-2015

Data Collection Volunteer with AAAS Emerging Leaders in Science and Society fellowship program – 2014

Association of Chemical Engineering Students at University of Washington – 2010-2015, Social chair 2010-2011

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